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It’s here where we cure people!

As compared to a multitude of various niche clinics who focus on just one field of healthcare, our medical center offers a full range of professional, agile and affordable medical help for Americans of all ages!

Top Equipment

Our clinic has the best monitoring, diagnostic and even life support equipment

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24/7 Readiness

We’re ready to come to your aide on a 24/7 basis. Whenever the emergency calls there!

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Skilled Doctors

During our 25 years in business, we’ve a seasoned team of surgeons and nurses…

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Quickest Recovery

Patients who got their issue solved with us once and for all stand at a proud 90% rate!

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Meet Our Doctors!

Our seasoned and skilled team of doctors and practical nurses will leave no chance for any disease to survive! Their combined practice proven record shows that more than 90% of all issues are successfully resolved!

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Cancer Prevention Tips

When it comes to thinking about such a widespread and deadly disease as cancer and all of its forms are, taking some precautions and lifestyle adjustments along the way would not hurt.

The tip #1 is to quit smoking, which will help prevent the lung cancer by some double-digit percents.

Our Medical Services

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Patients Trust Us!

What people say about us. Here are comments from individuals who have visited GlobalHealth.

Recently my husband had a severe heart problem and required a coronary intervention, there wasn’t too much time for me to choose a clinic. Still, luckily I chose this one and in just 2 weeks after my John was as good as new!

Karen Malick

Having diabetes is one of the least pleasant things that can possibly happen to anyone. Thankfully, my good old friend referred me to this medical facility and specifically to Dr. Robertson. That man is a real miracle maker!

John Palmer

Quality Care
Your Health is our priority

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We’ve Helped Thousands

During the last 20 years of our medical practice we were able to provide our timely help to thousands of patients….

Starting with providing simple preventative or general care and finishing with performing advanced neurosurgeries, treating people with diabetes, cancer and other harsh conditions.

Our seasoned team time and again proved that the only goal in sight is to solve the patient’s issue once and for all!

Our Medical Blog

Analyzing the Heart diseases

In the list of the health hazards which claim most of the American lives each year, the heart diseases of different kinds come out on the infamous first spot...

Studying the Chronic lower

Chronic lower respiratory disease (CLRD, as defined by the DSAS healthcare organization is a set of miscellaneous lung diseases that result...

Studying the Causes of the

Chronic lower respiratory disease (CLRD, as defined by the DSAS healthcare organization is a set of miscellaneous lung diseases that result in...

Understanding what is a Stroke

In order to get a better understanding of what is a stroke and how it should be prevented, it's important to know a few things about it. It is far more often...


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